About Tammy

I am a scientist by training, stay at home autism mom by practice. I started this blog to document my experiences and practical solutions that evolve while I parent my daughter Beth*. After trying nearly every method, I now do floortime, ABA, RDI, music therapy, standard speech therapy, sensory strategies, special education approaches, and good old-fashion parenting in any given day. I homeschooled for awhile and now Beth is in public school in Kindergarten. There is no magic bullet for us, just common sense and perseverance. My hope is this blog will help other families who are also fumbling thru autism.

I am married to a wonderful husband and father, Dave, and we have one sweet and loving daughter, Beth, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2.5 (she is now 6). We live north of Philadelphia in the burbs.

I can be contacted at tammy.lynn.graham@gmail.com.

*Beth is a pseudonym for privacy purposes


3 thoughts on “About Tammy

  1. inkyspider says:

    Hey, I really enjoy your blog, so I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. justroy says:

    Hi,I don’t know how many fumbled on your blog but I definitely fumbled and would like to stumble fall learn and implement again and again.well my dd is 3.5 years old and there is an ocean here and the implementation technique is so unique.i think I will lesser hair pulling days.i am a software engineer by profession but I gave it up for my dd.God bless you and your daughter.

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